Historical political betting odds

We are building the web's largest independent archive of historical political betting odds.

The price for each data set is set dynamically based on the size of the data set, age of the event, and level of interest.

Date closedMarketPreviewPrice
2017-03-20Article 50 trigger date£131
2017-03-15Dutch General Election 2017 (Most seats)£102
2017-02-24Copeland By-election 2017£100
2017-02-24Stoke By-election 2017£95
2017-02-01Article 50 Parliamentary Vote£116
2017-01-24Article 50 Supreme Court ruling£111
2016-12-05Italy Constitutional Referendum 2016£108
2016-12-02Richmond Park By-Election£114
2016-11-28UKIP Leadership Contest 2016£116
2016-11-09US Presidential Election 2016 Popular£202
2016-11-09US House Control 2016£115
2016-11-09US Senate Control 2016£115
2016-10-02Article 50 triggered in 2016£143
2016-09-24Labour Leadership 2016£140
2016-07-20US Republican nomination 2016£144
2016-07-11Conservative Leadership 2016£144
2016-07-11Prime Minister after Cameron£142
2016-06-24UK EU Referendum 2016 Popular£210
2016-05-06London Mayoral Election 2016£153